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Empowering busy HR leaders and business owners to optimize HR operations, minimize overhead costs, and increase overall productivity.

Vancouver, Canda

Project Brief

Mo- Dynamics is a specialized Recruitment & HR Consulting Sole Proprietorship. Mo-Dynamics offer targeted B2B solutions in two categories to serve U.S and Canadian business. The need to put the Mo-dynamics Consulting brand on the public face was not just necessary but extremely needful.

Mo-Dynamics offer SME’s & Startups tailored and comprehensive HR solutions to tackle such as: organizational design, recruitment & on-boarding, compensation/benefits and compliance, health & safety, training, development, and performance management. So the need to put this Human Resource company on a positive map was a crucial need.




Digital Strategy
Web Development
UI/UX Design
SEO & Analytics



The Approach

Getting started on the Mo-Dynamics project took weeks from idealization, roadmap, MVP and final build. At Rovamedia, we are always up for challenges and this wasn't going to be an exception

Mo-Dynamics needed to have a strong digital branding; from logos to icons, getting listed on directories such as Google my Business, deploying content representation on native blog and external websites, adopting an enhanced copywriting approach to scale SEO optics, and finally establishing the framework for relevance.

The Solution

After a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 9 months, Mo-Dynamics was able to get into 50 business directories, deploying own/native articles and contents, featuring a rich social media presence, effective content curators in-depth guidance, and training of the team on best practices.

Over 500K search views, and 435K clicks from Google search, increased brand discovery by 86%, built an internal system of direct search queries from SEO, brand revenue went up from 3% to 53% in the Q4 of 2019, enabled Mo-Dynamics to build partnerships with top business in the HR industry.

Human Experience

Rovamedia takes pride in enhancing user experience, and in this project there was no exception in the way Mo-Dynamics and our team at Rovamedia worked to make the magic happen.

From in-depth calls, surveys, interviews, meetings and direct-to-customer product management, the overall human experience was top notch. Rovamedia matching, scheduling and project management systems were used to adopt a seamless process to enhance human experience.


Collaborating to make an impact with our cross-discipline approach to design and development remains a top priority.

The website, and branding guidelines were built to ensure user friendliness while ensuring attractive. With tools such as Figma, Adobe, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop, all prototypes were brought to life for MVP.